"tips, drinks & gas money" ep

by Keith Monacchio

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Tips, Drinks & Gas Money

1. Coffee House
2. Bless This Home
3. I’ll Take Care Of You
4. Now That It’s Done

All Songs Written by Keith Monacchio
Copyright BMI Anchorsongs 2012


released May 15, 2012

Produced by Sean Glonek


Keith Monacchio – Guitar, Vocals
Mike White – Drums
Joe Harvard – Lap Steel
Adam Braun – Bass
Mike Noordzy – Clarinet
Sean Glonek – Guitar, Percussion

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at SRG Studios
Hamlilton, NJ

Artwork by Johnny Ott at Bitch Slap Artwork

Front Cover Photo by Rich Monacchio

Thanks to Sean Glonek for recording & producing it. I'm eternally grateful for all the hard work you put into this record. Big thanks to Sarah Stepansky at SRG Studios. Thanks to Adam Braun, Joe Harvard, Mike Noordzy and Mike White for lending their incredible musicianship to these songs. Johnny Ott for the artwork and graphic design wizardry. Rich Monacchio for the front cover photo of his brother making a fool of himself. Joe Baker, Patrick Baker, Thomas F. Kale and Tom McDonald for inspiration. Sheli Aarden Monacchio for your love, unwavering support and saying "YES". I think that's it...?? Oh!!..and my sons, Capo & Cat Stevens, thanks fellas!!

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all rights reserved


Keith Monacchio Hamilton Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Coffee House
Coffee House

I’ve got this condition
Well, it’s more like an affliction
But, it’s the best part of me

Driven many miles and nearly
Burned up all my tires
My brother calls it charity

I fire up my amp
And strap my ax across my back
Check the mic, testing 1, 2, 3

As the lights go down on me
I step up and say “good evening”
I play for tips, for drinks, for gas money

I once wanted to be well known
Big write up’s in Rolling Stone
My first band we had big dreams

But that dream is standing here
In a coffeehouse somewhere
All these places look the same

People reading fancy magazines
Tapping laptops and drinking lattes
The guy in the front row is wearing headphones

As he’s tunin out on me
I say “hey buddy, can you hear me”
Over the register, the blender, and grinding coffee beans

There is a bookshelf in the corner
All the books are out of order
It goes from x to z to b
Marie she sweeps the floor up
Her t-shirt says south of the border
She passes by and smiles at me
As the hanging bells on the front door ring

I’m a high flyer
And a kamikaze diver
Dropin words and blowing them sky high

To pack it in, well, I refuse
I’m a guy with nothing to lose
I know who I am and from where I came

I’m holding firm to all my choices
I’m blocking out all my doubting voices
I measure success in small degrees

As the lights go up on me
I say “thanks for listening to my stories”
And for the tips, the drinks for free
Be sure, to take care of waitress Marie
I’ll be back here same time next week
There is no place I’d rather be
Track Name: Bless This Home
Bless this Home

From the city to the country
By way of Canarsie
Packed like sardines in station wagon
My wife says where is he taking me?
Moved to a new town, we put just enough down,
And the wind was whipping cold
That first night in sleeping bags we lay
I said “God bless this home”

God bless this home
This first thing I’ve ever owned
Keep everyone safe inside
So if anything should happen
To me, at least I’ll know that
They’ll be safe & sound

A big storm came that first night and I took it as a good sign
The house stood tall and sturdy
2 little soldiers and my wife sound asleep
And the dog watching over everybody
I didn’t sleep much, with the place settling and such
And I kept my shotgun close
This floor is pretty cold and the future’s unknown
God bless this home

Oh, bless this home
I took out a big loan
And I hope that I can provide
Because, if anything should happen
To me, the debt falls on them
I can’t leave them on there own

(Break 2x)

Take care of this home
Right now it’s pretty bare boned
But, I know we’ll fix it up nice
We’ll look after each other, maybe add another brother
But, on that one I better check with my wife

From the city, to the country
By way of Canarsie
The sun’s coming up, on this home full of love
And the future is all on me
The sun’s coming up; I hope I’ve got enough
The future is all on me
The sun’s coming up, now it’s time to man up
The future is all on me
Track Name: I'll Take Care Of You
I’ll Take Care of You

These arms are yours
There here if you want em
Do you?
Somehow I washed up on your shore
Thought I’d drift forever
Thought I’d float away

Seems that you been drifting to
Are you in need of a rescue?

If you want me to
I’ll take care of you
Yeah, if you want me to
I’ll take care of you

That fifty pound door
That you locked and braced the chair up
I’ll kick it down
And sleep on your floor
I’ve got time enough to give it time
I’ll relentlessly wait

Have you been waiting to?
Is my arrival long overdue?

If you need me to
I’ll take care of you
If you want me to
I’ll take care of you

I’ll fix you dinner
I’ll make the bed
I’ll tear down that old beat up shed
Make a new home
I’ll be home

These arms are yours
There here if you want em
They’re strong, broken & bruised
That fifty pound door
Locked & barricaded
No need to be scared anymore

Because, if you let me through
I’ll take care of you
If you ask me to
I’ll take care of you
These chances are far & few
But, if you trust me to
I’ll take care of you
Track Name: Now That It's Done
Now That it’s Done

Now that it’s done
All the decks are cleared
I swabbed them all down
Score it 3 to 1
Three to her resolve
One to my love
Bet, she’s glad she won
I hoped for amnesty
She drew her guns
I just hung around to long
Way past the due date
Way past the sun

And yes I’ll go on
But first, I’ll surrender to my bed cocoon
And dream it all gone
I crashed another car
But, all you rubbernecking freaks
You better just move along
Now that it’s done

I woke up to the aftermath
In a battle ravaged city
Not knowing where I was at?
So, I walked to lost & found
Checked myself in
And I laid myself down
Through the window & out of the dust
I saw the home that I was building
That one meant for us
Tear it all down, boys
There ain’t enough heat in this world
To warm a house for her

I can say without a doubt
I’m so God damn tired
I’m all worn out
I’ve burned all our memories down
Freed the lions from their cages
And watched them eat their young
Now that it’s done

I hope tonight I dream
Of big blank canvases and fresh color schemes
And new beginnings