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Under a Nightlight Sky

by Keith Monacchio

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Survivalist 02:52
My brother he’s waiting for the communists To finally step on our necks and throw the switch He’s gotta planned exit He’s raising free range chickens, building bunkers, off the grid My brother wants to be a survivalist My brothers planning while the other shoe It drops out of the sky and lands on you He’s got no use for me or you He stockpiling peanut butter, white rice and canned fruit My brother wants to be a survivalist I guess you can blame it on reality TV The Government, the banks and the mortgage companies What’s a man gotta do just to raise a family? Should he have to crawl down on his knees… To keep his dignity My brother’s real busy making lists Of just who to bring along.. with him How bout me, man? He asked me “what am I bringing to the table? I said “entertainment” He said “let me think about it” My brother wants to be a survivalist
Everything is different Aint thinking like I used to My future used to seem so distant Now it’s all right here in full view But, now I’ve got something to lose So, I carefully craft my moves And stand up So, I’m counted I used to run from a fire Now I’ll run right through it I’ll be really brave Here stand behind me I’ll save ya And shoot the wolf at the door A leap of faith it cured me Of any ailments of doubt Cause these two hearts are the only things The only things I care about I’m on full time look out duty Better bring an army if you wanna get past me I’m squared up I’m a brick wall Used to be filled with holes Now I’m iron clad tall Like a tidal wave I’ll flatten anything in our way I’ll kill the wolf You need not be frightened You need be not scared We’re steady at defcon five, baby So, fall right into me I’m a raging sea Now everything is different My ears don't work like they used to I’m staring straight into the distance I’m just enjoying the view And it’s such beautiful view And I’ll do what I have to do
When You Go 03:37
And when you go I hope you walk between the rain Drops don’t fall upon you Your heart is broken in I hope my work with you is done Taught you everything I know Put a couple tricks in your back pocket Got you ready for the show When you go I believe That every young man needs a map Or at least a kick in the right direction A little pat on the back Move with caution, but not with fear Believe half of everything you hear Cause if you’re really seeking truth You’ll feel it when the wind blows When you go Because I’ve never known anything That moves me like you do So, here’s to the best of things I hope it all lines up for you Yeah, I do And when you go Leave yourself an open page Remember every lesson learned Every triumph along the way I hope your worries are far and few I won’t be there to take care of them for you But if you really need my help Look for me in the bright of your glow When you go If you really need my help son Look for me in the bright of your glow When you go
These Days 02:46
These days I am who I am And I ain't real big on change My ways Are set in cement Probably just showing my age I know bad decisions I've made in the past Are equal to the good ones I've made So I’m just gonna raise up This half-filled cup And toast to all my mistakes These days These days It’s just so divided Can’t seem to find the same page and it’s a shame That we can’t disagree without it turning to fire in rage I’m so amazed some would rather watch it burn then Figure a way to put out the blaze It’s al upside down Aint no common ground Wish I could say it was just a phase These days Sometimes I feel I’m on a rudderless boat Adrift, with two broken sea legs When your only choices are to sink, swim or float You better think it all through Two little eyes on you Watching everything you do Today I wonder if I’m the lukiest guy on the planet? But some days My faith in the human race is all but gone off and vanished And I know he’ll have questions And I won’t have all the answers But, go ahead and fire away I’ll do the best I can to raise em up a good man And in this world that something to say These days
New Day 01:42
I get by Just enough to look in the mirror With honest eyes The focus of the blame getting clearer But it’s not just I Not I anymore that I’m seeing There’s fresh eyes Looking for a new kind of wisdom Something good to believe in I’ll pack my shit away Bury it deep out of reach And there it’ll stay I’ve been swimming to long in the deep end But it’s not just me, yeah That I have to make sure is still breathing And I should say He don’t stand to inherit a kingdom But, I can give ya something good to believe in I’ll give you love affirmations And all the truth you can handle An overflowing foundation That begins and ends with character But, I’ll get by And look past the crackpot in the mirror Cause the wide eyed Little boy is gonna be needing Something real To touch and feel Something good to believe in
He said I don’t like da light And fell back on the bed Which toy you bringing up? He said “all of them” My brothers told me to write it all down So that’s what I went and did (they said) make a list of the funny things That come out of that little boy’s head All the things that he said I have a big surprise It’s something very special (Can you believe) it snowed at home And snowed at my school? I’m scribbling these things down As you wearing my big shoes Leaving a little trail for myself Because my memory’s not foolproof To all the things that he said Bridge Like, hide here and I’ll come and find you Tonight, what’s the signal? Is that where my sister is getting weddinged? Poor Pluto lost planet status Can you stay and rub my back? Actually. ready, steady go Let’s play the funny game Then go in the door Wait a minute here Hold the phone The details, the little things And all the remember when’s If I could chisel it on my brain So, I’d never, ever forget All the things that he said
I burnt the candle at both ends I really lit it up I took my half-filled cup And poured it all out Yeah, I’m the one who started the flood So, when you start to fall away That’s just a little bit of the price you pay For takin our love and beatin it up So call me thick call me really grudge driven Or don’t you call me at all Don’t wait around for your benediction Don’t carve your name on my bedroom wall Cause I know all the parts you’ve played And the one big mistake you made Was taking our love and beatin it up You and your wicked heart You, you pulled mine apart You were talking out of both sides of your mouth Telling stories just in case things went south Then I watched you die, when the truth came out (solo break) You and your wicked heart You, you tore mine apart You were talking about all your big doubts Talkin yourself right outta town Then I watched you cry when it all went down Yeah, I burnt the candles at both end I burned it all the way down I’m not hearing your act of contrition I smiled big when you drove out of town So, here’s hoping you rue the day And that you never forget the way (that you were) Taking our love and beatin it up
Sour days ain’t here to stay Like big dark clouds they’ll fall away The sun on your face, might do you good A call from an old friend, might change your mood Here’s to the days when I wasn’t feeling small Wasn’t looking eye to eye, with the fly on the wall But now I got a chance to bust right through With a fresh set of eyes and a fresh set of views Never have I ever Set the truth on fire Better to have weathered it And walked the hard mile Keep pickin em up and putting them down Writing my name right across this town Listen to me, just breathe in & out Keep pickin em up and puttin em down Any day now the storm will move on Leaving in its wake, a new kind of norm But my heart is resilient, like an old pair of boots And the bigger the storm, the deeper the roots Never have I ever Kept old grudges on file See, I should’ve known better And just left them all behind (and just walked on) And kept pickin em up and putting them down Writing my name right across this town Listen to me, just breathe in & out Keep pickin em up and puttin em down You see it’s just one foot in front of the other Like when you were small following round your big brothers Don’t let the circling crows win out Keep pickin up and puttin em down Your left, your left, your left right left Pick em up, put em down
The best I can This I promise I’ll be everything Your love, your truth, your compass Because I know what it’s like to have no shield No big hand to hold No one to tell you the deal I’m here I’ll protect you All I’ve got This I’ll give you If it’s locks, I’ll break the door down for you See, I still remember the sound, when that door shut on me No strong arms to push it open No one to toss me the key Don’t worry I’ll protect you So climb up on my shoulders And slow down, no rush in getting older I never thought I’d ever get this chance To make of me a better man The best I can That I can promise I’ll be all things Your chief number one accomplice I know exactly how it feels, to be left wondering? Who’s gonna cover my ears When the thunder starts rumbling I will 2x 3x I’ll protect you


Under a Nightlight Sky explores themes of family, fatherhood, political tribalism, aging and a hope for a better future in these very uncertain times. Under a Nightlight Sky is the most contemplative and concise songwriting that Keith has ever put forth. These ten-songs play like a roadmap for his child. A trail of breadcrumbs filled with wisdom, his truth, tales of mistakes made, lessons learned and unlearned.

Working again with Sean Glonek (Juliana Hatfield, Tanya Donnelly) behind the board, they’ve created a musical landscape where genres and styles can cross paths and meet in the middle of imperfection. In today’s climate of fear, it would have been easy take the songwriting down a very dark road. Instead, these ten-songs focus on trying to find positivity, light and faith that the days to come will be better than those of the recent past. Under a Nightlight Sky, at its core, is a search for solace.


released March 22, 2022

Produced by Sean Glonek

Keith Monacchio - Guitar & Vocals
Tom Kale - Drums & Percussion
Arne Wendt - Piano & Keyboards
Sheli Monacchio - Vocals & Hand Claps
Sean Glonek - Bass, Guitar, Drum Machine
Jacob Monacchio - Vocals & Hand Claps

All Songs Written by Keith Monacchio
Copyright MonacchioMusic BMI 2022

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at SRG Studios, New Jersey

Illustrations by Sheli Monacchio
Graphic Design by Johnny Ott

This album is dedicated to the memory of Joe Harvard. A true artist and friend.


all rights reserved



Keith Monacchio Hamilton Township, New Jersey

2022 marks the 30th year of Keith’s musical journey. Starting in the 90's with The Semibeings (Shimmydisc & C/Z Records) through the 2000’s with The Commons. He embarked on a solo career in 2008. Under a Nightlight Sky marks his return after a 6-year absence from releasing new music. ... more

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