The Bridge

from by Keith Monacchio

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The Bridge

One foot right in front of the other
I as just a baby boy holding on to his mother
Fearless of falling over
Going forward unaware to what’s over your shoulder

When you’re grown up and on your own
You settle right into a safe little zone
All those chances to take
Scared to fall on your face

Everybody’s got a bridge to be crossed
Above the breaking waves and the jagged rocks
I might just make a mess
My feet feel like cement
But I need to take
That very first step

First time riding on my bicycle
First time dad took off the training wheels
Fast as I can down the big old hill
My brothers dusted me off
When I my first spill

When you’re grown, they say don’t go to fast
Cause that big old hill, now has bumps and cracks
And you gotta be ready when that big world smacks
You right between the eyes and just laughs

Everybody’s got a bridge to be crossed
Above the choppy water
Where the ships get tossed
I’m not afraid to get wet
Just scared of heights I guess
But, I need to take that first step

I once tried to kick growing old
Took up cigarettes to stunt my growth
But, that plan didn’t really work
It made things just a little worse
As I sit here and light another smoke
But I quit those things

One arm stretched above the other
Reaching for that candy tucked away in the cupboard
Old enough to know my right from left
But, it’s might right from wrong that I still don’t get

Decisions down the pike come fast and furious
Love & loss still play the role of mysterious
All this time tracing someone else’s tracks
Pulling stones out of my shoes and rabbits out of my hat

Everybody’s got a bridge to cross
Some trudge right on, some jump off
I think hard and I second guess
Will the other side be filed with success?
But I need to take
Yeah, I need to take
That very first step


from The Dust​-​Up, released September 12, 2016
Keith Monacchio – Vocals, Guitalele, Acoustic Guitar
Jay Walker – Bass
Tom Kale - Drums
Sean Glonek – Cigar Box Slide Guitar



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Keith Monacchio Hamilton Township, New Jersey

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